Stress busting and productive ~ Why clearing out is good for you

While having yet another clear out I started to think about why I get such a buzz out of it and how beneficial it is in the long run.

Statistics ~ How relevant are they?

Recently, as I am part of the Macmillan online community due to having Leukaemia, the debate about statistics came up.  It prompted me to consider statistical significance and the various statistics definitions out there to explore how I feel about them after they have became more than just numbers to me now. They are an… Continue reading Statistics ~ How relevant are they?

We are all members of the ‘Bad Mums’ Club!

After watching the Bad Moms movie starring Mila Kunis, Kristin Bell, Jada Pinkett-Smith and Christina Applegate I just had to write this post.  I picked this movie as I needed a 'Chick Flick' with laughs and something to relax in front of. ~~~ Little did I know that I would end up feeling so inspired,… Continue reading We are all members of the ‘Bad Mums’ Club!

Diana ~ Her dresses & their enduring stories remembered after 20 years

I am currently putting together a post on Diana, Princess of Wales, the People's Princess, and Mother to the future King's dresses.  This summer, the 20th year since her tragic death I was able to see them at Kensington Palace and the exhibition was as special as she was. I just need to make the… Continue reading Diana ~ Her dresses & their enduring stories remembered after 20 years