Why is blood cancer awareness so important?

(written during #bloodcancerawarenessmonth 2020) Why is raising awareness of blood cancer symptoms so important that we need a whole month to talk about it?  For one very good reason... My lack of awareness nearly cost me my life... my blood cancer needed immediate treatment, it was critical for my survival. That's why raising awareness is… Continue reading Why is blood cancer awareness so important?

Sharing my Leukaemia experience; Haematology Nurses & Healthcare Professionals Conference

Haematology conference leukaemia blood cancer HNHCP Zurich

Recently I was the keynote speaker at the 2020 Haematology Nurses & Healthcare Professionals Educational Conference in Zurich.   Here is a snapshot of what I spoke about. I am always happy to share my experience at these conferences because not a day goes by when I am not grateful to the excellent team who looked… Continue reading Sharing my Leukaemia experience; Haematology Nurses & Healthcare Professionals Conference

Inspirational T-shirts for Survivors

I've always loved slogan t-shirts and I have many in my wardrobe.  Since my diagnosis I've become even more obsessed with them as they hold more meaning, here are some of my favourites with the link to where you can get yours too! Here's the link to buy your's thesloganstyle  

How it feels when your adult child is fighting Acute Leukaemia

when your adult child is diagnosed with leukaemia blood cancer

How does a mother react when she gets the news that her daughter has been diagnosed with Leukaemia?

How cancer can change your mindset in a positive way

mindset shift lifestyle self care leukaemia life mindful

In the past the concept of mindset was not something I had given much thought to and it was not something I particularly believed in either.  However, over the past couple of years my beliefs have changed considerably and it wasn't until recently that I started to understand that this process is known by some… Continue reading How cancer can change your mindset in a positive way

What being diagnosed with Leukaemia feels like – three years on

acute myeloid leukaemia blood cancer blog anna mamwell bloodwise

When I was in that hospital room with what I thought was some sort of infection and the consultant came in with tears in her eyes to tell me I actually had a very aggressive form of Leukaemia and that they would need to treat it aggressively, starting that very same day. 

My Hair – Growing back to being me again

After over two and a half years, as far as my hair is concerned, I am finally starting to look like 'Anna' again.  It's been so long and I never thought I'd feel like this again but here I am. Before I start I just want to point out that this is my personal story,… Continue reading My Hair – Growing back to being me again

Statistics ~ How relevant are they?

Recently, as I am part of the Macmillan online community due to having Leukaemia, the debate about statistics came up.  It prompted me to consider statistical significance and the various statistics definitions out there to explore how I feel about them after they have became more than just numbers to me now. They are an… Continue reading Statistics ~ How relevant are they?