blogging butterfly in remission Lifestyle & Cancer

My Huffington Post Blogs

So recently I have been invited to become a regular contributor to the Huffington Post blogging community which I am honoured to have accepted.

Here are the links to my blogs approved and shared by them;

Being in remission isn’t all it’s cracked up to be

Telling your child about your Leukaemia Diagnosis

What the NHS’ 70th Birthday means to me

This time round my World Cup fever was about more than England Winning


blogging butterfly in remission Lifestyle & Cancer


7 thoughts on “My Huffington Post Blogs”

  1. That’s so cool and congrats on that😊Could you please tell how did you get that opportunity of writing for Huffington post ?


  2. I just read your post. It’s good to hear your positive acceptance of the inevitable. Currently my aunt is going through chemo. She had lost hope , now she’s regaining . With prayers and positivity everything’s possible.

    You are gorgeous looking atleast to my eyes, with and without hair . You’ll be fine soon.

    You should follow “Death Project”blog written by Sarah, who’s going through the same phase as yours.

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