How writing helps your mind …

Why I write

Words… I love words, love to read them, write them and discover them.

We use them to illustrate our lives; they are the carriers of meaning, how we convey our understanding of the world around us and connect with others.  How we use them often defines who we are; powerful and sometimes misunderstood, often deliberately used to mislead, influence and destroy.  Used to convey our emotions they can be uplifting, thought provoking and comforting.

Writing is something that’s been part of me ever since I was a child; back then I wrote numerous stories and spent many happy hours happily clicking away on my beloved typewriter.

“Writing is so much more than just putting words on a page… it is the voice of my soul” ButterflyinRemission

When reading as a child some stories would consume me, nurturing my young imagination, I was so taken with some that I would read them over and over again.  Once I was given a birthday card for my 3rd Birthday, designed as a short story about a pony; I still have it and remember how much I treasured it as a child.  This love of books has continued into my adulthood, with many on my ‘to read’ shelf and many on my ‘keeper’ shelf.  Along the years I have secretly dreamed of writing my own novel, of creating my own story, imagining how much I would enjoy the process of crafting it lovingly like a artist would a painting.   I already know that when I am writing I am in my happiest place, though most of the time life gets in the way.

Writing about my thoughts, feelings and emotions since experiencing a traumatic, life changing event has become an important part of the healing process for me; like my spiritual therapist allowing me to translate the chaos in my head into a language I can learn, understand and make sense of.  Helping me gain an insight into the turmoil constantly swirling around in my mind; something to calm the torrent of thoughts, emotions and angst threatening burst free unchecked and misunderstood.

“Until I put pen to paper to compose the manuscript from the inner depths of my traumatised mind I cannot begin to purge my soul of the demons living there” ButterflyinRemission

writers life butterfly in remission amwriting

“Writing is my soul mate… who truly understands me, lets me be myself and encourages me to be free” ButterflyinRemission

Quotes and poems are also something I , especially ones that really resonate.  Whether they’re about life, family, to inspire or make you smile, in fact I have a Pinterest board full of them ; check it out here >> Quotes & Words to Inspire


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