The Libra in Me…What a Typical Libra looks like!

I’ve often seen quotes and posts on social media about the Libra star sign, my star sign and a lot of the time I can relate to the concepts.   Many of the characteristics of a Libra really sum me up so I decided to look into just how many of them are part of my personality.  When I started to make notes they developed into this poster which I then couldn’t resist embellishing.


When I’d finished the Libra research I felt like a lot of things made more sense to me, why I react in certain ways, why I am who I am in a lot of ways.  When I was a teenager I did go through a phase of reading my horoscope every day but I haven’t carried this on as an adult.  Probably because it’s not something that can always be relied on and if you start to take it too seriously it could be demoralising when predictions don’t happen.

Libra traits;

Listed below are typical personality attributes that I can relate to;

  • Balance in life is a must for their happiness and well being
  • Justice – Life isn’t always fair and Libras find it hard to cope with this
  • The peacemaker – harmony is everything to them so they often find themselves in this role
  • Intuitive and a good judge of character – Libras have a sixth sense when it comes to those around them, tuned into the moods of others and can see what others don’t
  • Loyal until pushed too far
  • No fool despite appearances, never forget when they’ve been wronged even if they stay quiet to keep the peace.
  • Easy to get along with, has a crazy side, fun to be around
  • Vivid imagination, creative, dynamic and a problem solver
  • Enjoy being alone, they need it at times because of giving so much of themselves to others, love peace and tranquillity
  • Hate drama so won’t tolerate it so will take themselves away from
  • Perfectionist, always striving for more and to improve
  • Caring and a good listener, a great friend or partner, sensitive to other people’s moods
  • Hard working with a busy mind
  • Seek approval – this can mean that they often feel like a failure as they constantly strive to be accepted
  • Emotional – flitting between light and dark
  • Music speaks to their soul – they are big lovers of music and can often be heard singing or humming their current favourite tune.  Musicality and rhythm goes hand in hand with Libras
  • Compromise – being the peacemaker and needed harmony to feel happy means Libras are always compromising
  • Passionate and adventurous

I could go into more detail using examples and situations where my Libra traits have come into play but have decided to do that as a separate post.  Also I would like to gather some thoughts of a few others to add.

How about you? Are you typical of your star sign or do you think it’s total rubbish?  Please leave your thoughts in the comments below.

4 thoughts on “The Libra in Me…What a Typical Libra looks like!”

  1. This makes so much sense, my older sister is a Libra and she carries most of these traits. I love reading about star signs it’s so very interesting that people born around the same times have similar characteristics.

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