Home made decopatch Christmas bauble ~ My Christmas Wonderland

I am a crafting addict and as the owner of a creative mind the run up to Christmas means lots and lots of time spent covered in glue and glitter. (please see my other posts for the other crafts I’ve been doing).

I love decopatch so of course making these baubles was on my list and with my love for vintage Christmas decorations these were a must.  Whenever I see anything like this in a shop it evokes memories of the Christmases of my childhood.

I ordered some decopatch mache baubles from amazon and used an old book to cover it with.  If you don’t have any old books you could pop to a charity shop or as friends and family if they have any they no longer want, I always have old books in my craft kit.  I used the decopatch method we all know, using PVA glue and ripped up pages from the book to start with (see the first picture).  Once it had dried I added a couple of coats of this brilliant decopatch glue which has lots of glitter in it (second picture below), again this is always in my kit, its so versatile.  I decided to add more glitter, around the middle of the bauble as I’m a bit of a glitter freak but you don’t have to.  I used silver glitter but again you can you any you like.  Mine is so sparkly (see the fourth picture below).

To dry them I either use a jewellery stand or one of those laundry drying things (the ones with lots of pegs on used for socks etc).

Below are two of my finished baubles, I went with the theme of my tree using red bows, tags I’d cut using my die cutting machine and some silver berries I picked up from a shop.  You could add anything to match your theme or your style, this is all I’ve had time for so far.  I used my glue gun as I’ve found its the best way to add embellishments on things that are a tricky shape because its easy to add to any area and really sticky.  You could use other high tack glue though.

Below are the baubles on two of my Christmas trees, the one on the pink tree doesn’t have any embellishments and I quite like it like that on this tree.


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