Festive Aromatic orange decorations ~ My Christmas Wonderland

I’ve always loved seeing these decorations at Christmas time and for this project I enlisted the help of my 11 year old who’d also seen Vlogger, Zoella, making them for her house this year.  Below are some images from her vlog, you can view more on her YouTube channel Zoella – YouTube

We turned the oven on to a low heat, 125, while I sliced up some oranges (see my pictures below).  My daughter laid them out on kitchen roll and then pressed gently down on them with more kitchen roll to remove some of the juice, it seems wrong to remove this from juicy oranges but I the name of craft we carried on!  Next we laid them out on baking trays on top of baking paper and put them into the oven.  This next stage takes a long time, we left ours for about 3-4 hours so this is when I worked on my other craft projects.  If you are doing this with your child I would advise telling them of this before so they know what to expect, after all children aren’t very patient are they!

The house smelled wonderful and festive all afternoon!

I used some decopatch glue with glitter in it to coat some of them to give them a lovely shimmer, you could spray them with glitter spray (see below)


I made several decorations with mine, using scissors to make a hole in them where I wanted to thread a ribbon through.  I used string to join the decoration with four slices, alternating with one that I’d added shimmer to and one untouched to allow the aroma to escape.  You can make a garland, tree decorations, use them on your mantelpiece, in festive potpourri, as part of your Christmas wreath,


Here a link to my other festive craft posts! Unicorn Baubles and Home made decopatch Christmas bauble




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