Funnybones ~ My Halloween flashback & nostalgia!

As a child I always felt that there was a little magic in the air on All Hallows Eve, even though back then it was no way near as big as it is now.  That was probably down to my very active imagination which thankfully I still have now, imagination is great!  I’m not sure what in particular made it feel magical but I guess it was because I believed in witches, Father Christmas, fairies at the bottom of the garden and ghosts.


Seemingly buried in memory was one of the many books I had loved reading as a child, popping into my head out of nowhere, late last night.  At first, all I could remember were the words ‘It was a dark, dark night’, some skeletons and sitting in the reading corner at primary school.  I literally haven’t thought about this book for years and years, then suddenly I’m transported back to my childhood.  Turning to Google for help, not sure if putting in ‘dark, dark night’ would come up with anything but it did, Funnybones by Allan and Janet Ahlberg originally published in 1980.  Then it all came flooding back and it was a wonderful trip down memory lane.  I remember the book being really popular so when I got my hands on it I was always thrilled and never got bored of it, I can see the battered, well worn cover in my mind.


I will be ordering the book; for my memory box and to reminisce while showing my daughter who I’m sure is going to love it too.  The book tells the story of three skeletons, one big, one little and a dog who leave their cellar with the intention of finding someone to scare, but it doesn’t go to plan.

The Story Begins;

On a dark, dark hill there was a dark, dark, town.

In the dark, dark town there was a dark, dark street.

In the dark, dark street there was a dark, dark house.

In the dark, dark house there was a dark, dark staircase.

Down the dark, dark staircase there was a dark, dark cellar.

And in the dark, dark cellar…some skeletons lived!

This book is a Halloween classic for kids so, get a copy for your little ones, they will love it and you will be creating special memories for them too.  The illustrations are bright, fun, memorable and attention grabbing, the text white on a black background.

Inside the book

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Some of you probably remember it with  fond memories like me and if you had forgotten about it I hope you are smiling too.

I’d love to hear your Funnybones memories…please comment below so we can enjoy some nostalgia together…



8 thoughts on “Funnybones ~ My Halloween flashback & nostalgia!”

  1. I also adored this book as a kidda! My partner works with bones (he’s a specialist radiographer) so I think it’s perfect book for us to buy for our son for Christmas! So glad to hear it is still in print ☺

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