Wheal coates edit mine cornwall poldark photography

My Fantasy Mine in Cornwall ~

A recent holiday to Cornwall means that I now have hundreds of fantastic photographs to add to my ever growing collection.  Photography is a something I absolutely love to the point of not being able to walk past a view, building or quirky item without taking a picture.

Here’s my edit of Wheal Coates mine situated on the edge of the cliffs at St Agnes in Cornwall.  This mine was used as a filming location for the BBC One drama, Poldark in season one.  (Poldark is yet another one of my obsessions) but moving on…

I often spend a whole evening messing around, using my editing software, experimenting and developing an image.  Before I start I usually have no idea how I want it to turn out, it just develops.

This one ended up with a fantasy style, dramatic skyline and a pink hue.  I think it has a bit of a fairy tale vibe which is not at all what I had in mind!  I can almost see Rapunzel and her long, long hair in that top window – no?? well I do have a vivid imagination!

Wheal coates edit mine cornwall poldark photography


My original shot…

Wheal Coates Cornwall Poldark mine

I will be sharing more, hope you enjoyed this one…

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