Bloodwise Candle & renewing an old friendships

One of the things I have been asked many times about how my Leukaemia battle has changed me and one of the main things is deciding to ‘be positive, be happy & go for it’.  This is why I decided to go ahead with the idea of creating products I love which will help in the fight to #BeatBloodCancer
A mutual friend of ours put Rachael and I back in touch via Facebook, yes Facebook can be a good thing!  We started private messaging about how we could use Rachael’s candle making and my Leukaemia battle to create a ‘Bloodwise Candle’.
We were at school together and lost touch once we left and started on very different life paths. Rachael has done lots of travelling and has recently moved back to our home town starting her business Hobo Soy Candles.  They are lovingly hand poured with a blend of premium fragrance and essential oils, ours is Orange and Bergamot.
Click here for more on the candles and how they are made and to order yours!
At a local event debuting the Bloodwise Candle

It has been amazing being together again, reminiscing and trying to get our heads around how fast time has flown.  I sometimes smile and think how all those years ago we would never have guessed that we would be doing this many years later! We are now looking forward to taking our candle to lots of different events and spending more time together.
At Bloodwise Impact Day

Candles are available in tins or jars

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