My 40th – Double Celebration!

Me, my husband and daughter at my 40th!

When I was in the last few months of my 30’s I was feeling pretty good about life, until Leukaemia came and rudely barged in!  At some point, while I was in hospital my husband told me that before my diagnosis he was going to organise a surprise party for my 40th, he’d done the same for my 30th. Even though I was really touched at the time I felt so rough that I didn’t give it much more thought.

Before I had cancer, as my 40th birthday approached, I often joked about how I’d blinked and suddenly become so old so quickly. Now I feel lucky to have made it to this wonderful age and many others aren’t as fortunate so now I will look on growing old is a privilege!

Me at my 40th
Later on he brought the subject up again suggesting that we should go for it and plan a party to celebrate my 40th, hopefully being cancer free and to say thank everyone for the amazing support we’d had! I was feeling quite well at the time and thought why not?  We deserved a damn good knees up after this nightmare!
It gave me something to focus on so I sent most of the invites out from my hospital bed and quickly realised the guest list would soon be nearly 200!  Because of this we booked Louth Town Hall one of the largest venues locally.

My Family

As it drew nearer I did begin to wonder what the hell I’d been thinking as I started to get really anxious about seeing so many people on one night!  Plus the added stress of my appearance, it had been so long since I’d been out socially and I had totally lost my confidence!  What was I supposed to do with my short hair…I only knew how to style really long hair!  In the end I found a headband with sequins and beads on it which matched my dress, I was so relieved as we all know how difficult it is to find something when you are looking for it.

The owner of a local beauty salon where I go very kindly offered to do my make up and nails, it was a real treat as it was the first time since my illness that I’d looked so glam with fab false eye lashes!

My sister and I had matching nails!

A selfie before the party!
I’ve always loved photos and am usually the one taking lots of pictures so I really wanted a photo booth, my husband came up with the idea of making our own which we did and it was a great success. He made a background out of London wallpaper as we’ve had some really happy times there!  Because of our photo booth we have some brilliant photos to treasure forever, its great to see everyone enjoying themselves.  When I look at them it makes me smile and cry happy tears as we’ve started to make some happy memories again!

I was so touched by all the friends who came, some had travelled quite far.  My cousin, who’d told me he couldn’t make it, turned up to surprise me, it was wonderful to see him!  Some other friends travelled a couple of hours to and from my party just to be with me!  It was such a great atmosphere with some of my friends saying that it was like a school reunion, this made me really happy as it’s one reasons why I wanted to have a party!  I cannot thank everyone who came enough nor can I stress just how much it meant to me.

With my family having some much needed fun!

Amongst my friends I’m known for being the first and last one on the dance floor so even though my treatment has meant that my legs are really weak I managed to dance along to the brilliant band we’d booked!  They too really make my night and have been supportive since!

A quote from the band – Dr Frankenfish

“Great fun playing for a very special lady’s party at Louth town hall on Saturday! Anna Mamwell and Lee Mamwell, we loved it-happy birthday and well done!! See you soon we hope “😁

Imogen was tearful and emotional
My Mum and Aunts ‘acting their age!’

My Sister

My Mum and Dad

Photo Booth Fun!

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