BBC Radio Chat! I Feel Like I’ve Been Given A Second Chance!

This week I had my first ever live radio interview and I think it went quite well!  I’ve had some really positive feedback and encouraging messages!

Outside the Radio Station

We were warmly greeted on our arrival by the lady on reception and offered a hot drink…I do love a cuppa and was even more happy to have it in a BBC mug…I’m a collector of mugs amongst other things!  I didn’t get to keep it though :-((

My Cuppa or Mugga really!
I sat with Mum and Dad in the reception area waiting for my slot and we could hear the live radio being broadcast so when my name was mentioned it was really strange!

When the time came I was taken through to the studio and introduced to Melvyn who welcomed me warmly and I felt more relaxed!  We’d actually met before at the Louth Run for Life where he’d interviewed me as there were over 100 people doing it in my name!  I remember him being really kind to me then, putting his arm around me as we chatted in front of the big crowd!  Thank you Melvyn for being such a gent!

Me with Melvyn at the Run for Life
Being interviewed by Melvyn

We took a selfie or ‘Melfie’ as he calls them in the studio and I am proud to be in one of his photos!

Our ‘Melfie’

Click here to have a listen and let me know what you think!!

With BBC’s Melvyn Prior
Taken from the station’s Facebook Page!

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