My AML Leukaemia Symptoms!

So a lot of people ask me how I was feeling before I was diagnosed and for how long I’d had my symptoms!  Well the scary thing is ‘Not long!’

It was around Easter time 2015 and the earliest symptom I can remember was having a thumping headache that lasted all weekend and I couldn’t shift it.  However, I still went to work that week and felt ok just a little tired!  Then I started having what I can only describe as flu symptoms, fever, headache, loss of appetite, fatigue, aches and pains.  So I didn’t go to work, I’ve been in my job for five years and only ever had a couple of days off sick, I’m not ill very often.  The next weekend I wasn’t feeling any better, my neck started to get painful and I developed a rash on my chest. I also started a period which was really heavy compared to my normal ones.  I went to the GP out of hours at my local hospital just to get checked out and they just put it down to a virus.  They put the rash down to an allergy to clothing or wash powder even though I insisted that I had no new clothing and was using the same washing powder that I always do!  On the Monday I rang work to say I wouldn’t be in as I was still no better and then went to doctors as I needed a sick note and by now as I was no better I assumed I would need antibiotics or something!

So I only been feeling unwell for about ten days!!!

So my symptoms were:
Painful Neck
Rash on my chest
Loss of appetite
Heavy period
Fever and sweats
Looking pale
Bone pain

AML is so aggressive that it needs to be treated immediately and it scares me to think that if I’d left it any longer I may not have survived!

Below is a list of typical symptoms of Leukaemia so be Bloodwise and go to your GP if you have them!!

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