The Plus Side of Cancer!!

You may think I am crazy but, one of the plus sides of my Leukaemia was the weight loss!!  Before I was diagnosed I’d been trying to shift a few pounds so this was a bonus!!  When I’d finished my treatment and was strong enough I really enjoyed trying on all the clothes that hadn’t fitted me for ages!!

Renewing old friendships, we are all super busy these days that we forget to take time for ourselves and friends!  A lot of old friends have been in touch, some I hadn’t seen or spoken to for years, this really makes me happy and determined not to let them go as this has united us again!

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Making new friends has been lovely, cancer has united us, given us something in common and it may not be nice but, I wouldn’t know all these amazing, inspiring people otherwise!

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This pretty much sums it up

Generosity from so many people it has been overwhelming and so many that I cannot mention them all in one blog post!  At some point I am going to write a list as I am very, very grateful to each and every one!  Helping with the care of my daughter, meals for my husband, being offered a mini break by someone owns caravans at a holiday park, lovely gifts from friends and family!  A large number of people have helped raise money for various cancer charities because of me and plan to do a lot more! Some people on Twitter, whom I’ve never met, donated money in my name and have sent me lovely messages of support!  The company my husband works for and his colleagues did some fundraising!  My daughters Dance School made a large donation to Bloodwise!  I was given an ipad by a family member and a cover for it by another! This enabled me to keep in touch with my daughter via Facetime while I was in hospital!   I received a care package from a lady in America who reads my Collabro Blog and card from another!

I was granted a disabled badge which is a godsend, especially when we go to the hospital and the car park is quite a walk!  It also allows me to park outside my chemist when I need to collect any medication and on the school run I can park quite near the school.

Feeling loved, I’ve always been one of those people who wondered if people really liked me or if they were just pretending!  Well now I definitely know…I am liked!

Random but my nails grew really long and strong, this is really unusual for me.  I gave up on having beautiful long nails but, during my time in hospital they were fab!  Probably down to the fact that I wasn’t doing anything, no cleaning or catching them on anything!  I even painted them once as I was so excited!!  I’m afraid they are not like this now, no back splitting and breaking…I wanted to get back to normal but with nice long nails!!

I just had to get a photo of my nails!

And finally, of course, writing this blog as I’ve always dreamed of being a writer!

All these things make me feel alive and to me that’s what life is all about!  Cancer really has changed my life, not all of it for the better but, in a positive way too!

Me trying on clothes!
I hadn’t been able to fit into this for ages!

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