Hundreds of Messages of Support!!

So recently I felt emotionally strong enough to look through my Facebook timeline at all the messages I’d received when I was very suddenly taken ill!

When I started to read them the fear and panic started to bubble up again, I try to ignore these feelings most of the time!  I knew this would be hard but really wanted to do it as my memories of this time are sketchy and I want to make sure I thank everyone for their support!

I’ve always had a really good memory so this is my first experience of forgetting things that have happened!

When reading these messages I felt incredibly touched and loved and do remember at the time that they really helped!  I was often to ill to reply but did read them all!  I’ve also kept a lot of the text messages and reading these again was very interesting as for the first 24 hours when I was in hospital they told me I had sepsis.  I have a group of friends from school and we chat via whatsapp, when I messaged to see if they were all available at the same time as I had some news…one of my friends thought I was pregnant!  One of these friends lives in Australia and was so upset she was looking at flights to come and support me!  Reading these messages again has been really emotional as I had forgotten this, their reactions are heartbreaking.  They have since told me that they will never forget where they were and who they were with when they got the dreadful news, a bit like when a big world event happens and you always remember where you were and what you were doing when you first heard the news!   I had messages from people I haven’t been in touch with for years and reading the messages now had really made me smile!  I am going to message each person to thank them and aim to keep in touch from now on!

The outpouring of support for me in my town was phenomenal and still is, I am so lucky.

Below are some of these messages!

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